Cwm Engineering Website

With a brand new purpose-built headquarters packed with the latest in advanced computer-automated engineering technology, Cwm Engineering aren't your typical local engineering firm. But how do you communicate this during a tender process to ensure you stand out in the crowd?

Colour Mafia worked with Cwm Engineering to produce both a website and brand video to ensure anyone who views these understands the company's selling points succinctly. Now, the client can be confident that they are being portrayed fairly, with all bases covered and no USP or buying argument held back.

The Colour Mafia crew spent 2 days on site shooting both on the workshop floor and interviews in the board room facilities. A range of shooting styles was adopted including drone, gimbal, and photography, with plenty of content now available for other uses including social media content.

The website showcases this video clearly, encouraging all viewers to watch, and the photography is used across the website to portray the company on the best possible light. Content such as case studies can easily and securely be updated by the team, and site performance has been optimised.

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