Scottish Borders Property Tour

A luxury property showcase video

Peelwalls Meadow is a luxury home development in the Scottish borders from the team of Enzo's Homes.

After discovering that many of the enquiries and purchases were coming from outside the area (many from London), it was decided
that we should do what we could to control what light potential customers were seeing the area in, and therefore a video seemed the perfect answer.

Situated close to the northern Scottish coast, and surrounded in attractions such as renowned gold courses and national parks, our job was both made easy (that we had so many things to be able to film) and made difficult (in that we had to decided which ones to film, and had to ensure we did the area justice.) Our filming expedition saw us travel to Scotland twice, and film in a variety of areas including Ayton, Eyemouth, St. Abb's Nature reserve and Holy Island, which covers the first half of the video.

The second half of the video showcases the homes themselves, and we utilised a range of specialised camera equipment to film within a show home and show off it's high finish.

In the end we are proud of the result, and feel it shows off the area and the homes in a favourable light. The client was so happy with the standard and the results seem from this video that they have made them a requirement for every development that is carried out. So here's to many more videos ahead!

Above: The location map for the shooting schedule.