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  • Wagner Birtwistle Branding

Branding for the brand

Company branding is so much more than a logo; it's a signpost to customers pointing to your brand's demographic, values and professionalism. That's why every branding project we undertake is unique, and we need to understand a company before we get to work. It doesn't just have to look good on screen or paper, it needs to look good on the brand, and there's a big difference.

Wagner-Birtwistle is an exciting new boutique supplier of hand-crafted upholstered furniture. We were approached to create branding that reflected their style and market and created a simple and sleek brand that suggests style, sophistication and class.

The project contains an array of usage styles, and incorporates a 'WB' moniker, providing a second method of identification in confined spaces such as tags and social media and which has since become a vital piece of this identity project.