What we do


Why E-Commerce

There's few areas of our daily lives that the internet has had an effect on more than the way we shop. As a nation here in the UK the purchases that were once made in store are rapidly being made online instead, with the Office of National Statistics reporting an increase in online spending of 16% a in 2016 to a total of £130 billion.

This of course is set to continue, and the requirement for businesses to maintain an effective online sales channel has been made clear.

Our Approach

Colour Mafia have long built a reputation for offering a complete digital solution for clients across a range of disciplines, and ecommerce is no exception. Furthermore, when combined with our range of other services we can create long-lasting partnerships that few studios can.

We first launched a client's online store in 2007 and have during this time have launched many stores for companies, organisations and individuals looking to take their retail strategy into the 21st century.

Since then, the popular online store framework 'Shopify' has become our preferred solution, and we are now seeing an inprecedented level of success and satisfcation for both out clients and their customers.

"Whether you need a full online store, or simply take product reservations online, every company in retail needs a digital sales channel."

Of course, there may be some of us that don't require a full-scale online store. We can disuss various alternative solutions to open up an online sales channel to help drive traditional sales.

What we Offer


No off-the-shelf templates here. We’ll design and build a store that suits the needs of you and your customers through in-depth user experience research (UX focused design).


We can create the particular functionality you require using advanced customisations or purpose-built apps so your store is a perfect fit for you.

Point of Sale (POS)

Need to sell in store and in person? We’ll hook you up with the right gear and our trusty installation partners. Synced inventories and all-terrain selling.


There’s no better way to show off your product and tell your brand’s story than video. We’ll make you look good, and get it out to the masses.


We’re Google accredited, and will use a variety of methods including paid advertising & SEO to get your online store working and converting.


A picture tells a thousand words, both good and bad. We’ll capture your products and brand so it’s looking it’s best for your customers.


Whether you’re starting out or it’s time for an overhaul, we can provide branding for your business or product so you can hit the market running.


We can create the functionality you require using advanced store customisations or purpose-built apps to ensure your store is the perfect fit.


Show your products off in style and create an inspriational brand story with professional photography.