What we do


Why video

It's a fact not known by many, but Colour Mafia actually started as a small video production company all those years ago. But it was a different time then; internet speeds were slow, users' data severely limited and the best way of distributing videos was by distributing DVD's.

Since then a lot has changed.

Firstly, thanks to higher speed internet and more generous data allowances, users are able to consume videos on any device at any given moment. And, in fact, they do just that; 1/3 of all internet usage is the watching of videos.

The average business publishes 18 videos a month online - (Hubspot 2017 survey).

We've also diversified a lot since then and specialise in internet marketing, website construction and are adwords accredited for video advertising. In today's online world, our unique combination of web and video skillsets can help
companies reach a digital audience in a more effective way.

What we offer

Brand Stories

Forget boring and stale corporate videos. We'll tell your brand's story in a refreshing way, helping to connect you to you audience and drive conversions.

Property Tours

We work with several property developers and estate agents to create stunning property tours that are proven to convert prospective buyers.

Video Marketing

There’s no better way to show off your product and tell your brand’s story than video. We’ll make you look good, and get it out to the masses.


We'll use your videos in a range of email marketing and click campaigns, and are Google accredited for video advertising.


We're not limited to live action video, and can offer a complete animation service for your project.